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"Covington Plastic Molding contacted EMI concerning the retrofitting a Sharp CNC to a new Centroid Controller. EMI came and evaluated the condition of the CNC to determine if the steel of the machine was in good condition.


Upon inspection, it was determined that the CNC was in good condition and the machine was retrofitted. EMI provided an easy cost effective way of turning a machine that was inaccurate and ineffective into a very accurate and useful CNC machine.


The centroid controller was very easy to learn and EMI were good and effective teachers. EMI's staff was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their staff was able to offer CPM a solution that was much more cost effective, by means of their knowledge, of what parts were needed to make the entire unit a viable and working machine. The after-sale support offered from their staff has been second to none.

It goes without saying that Covington Plastic Molding would call upon them without hesitation for any future needs."

- James Covington, President

Covington Plastic Molding, Inc.

Click here to see their retrofit.

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