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Reduce Fabrication Labor and Time While Improving Weld Quality​

The 2100 Tube Plasma Cutter is a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for round material.


In one accurate and efficient process, this machine cuts, copes, and drills, consolidating multiple fabrication steps to save you time and labor. Ideal for handrail manufacturing, the 2100 processes up to 6" diameter pipe/tube. 


We help job shop manufacturers build better metal products and make the process efficient, fast, and reliable.

Call Electro-Mechanical Integrators at (610) 287-4240 (toll-free: 1-877-445-4292) for pricing and more information. You can also email us at


  • No tooling changes - cut any combination of diameters and intersection angles 

  • Reduce or eliminate manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring, and repetitive handling

  • Produce weld-ready miters and copes and improve weld penetration

  • Simultaneously produce holes, slots, and other features without drilling or punching

  • Replace your tube bending machine by using EMI’s unique feature, Bend Notching, to create precise and repeatable bends 

  • Eliminate fitting hassles and minimize warping with precise joints







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Made in the USA Flag png.png

EMI’s machines are proudly Made in the USA -

We use well-established US-based sources and people for critical components and support, ensuring years of stable performance and readily available service – some of our first units manufactured in 1997 are still running production.

Bring consistency to your overall performance and sales. Standardize your products to increase your manufacturing.

We use…

  • Centroid CNC control manufactured here in Pennsylvania for over 30 years 

  • Emerson and Control Techniques motion products assembled mainly in the upper mid-west

  • Mechanical components machined by us or by vendors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

  • Exclusively USA-made HyperTherm plasma units

Programming​ with PieceMaker

EMI's proprietary software package is effective and easy to use.

  • Handrail guys can program parts about as fast as you can organize your cutsheet for the saw

  • Unlimited storage for user-programmed parts and batches.

Is a Tube Plasma Cutter the right fit for your shop?

  • Do you have 80 hours a month of sawing, notching, drilling, grinding and shaping?

  • Are you tired of your saw being backed up or broken down?

  • Do you cut material and parts that have to be right the first and only time?

  • Would a 75% reduction in pre-weld labor costs expand your market share?

  • Would a consistent fit and edge prep help keep your welders welding?

  • Is consistency important to your overall product performance and sales?

  • Would standardizing your products help you manufacture and sell more?

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, then a Tube Plasma Cutter would be a great addition to your workplace!

Call Electro-Mechanical Integrators at (610) 287-4240 (toll-free: 1-877-445-4292) for pricing and more information. You can also email us at

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