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"For over 20 years we've been building cars for every level of Nascar and one thing we've learned is that to tune anything you have to have a consistent baseline to work off. We used to build 200 different cars a year. Using EMI's system, we were able to standardize into 18 different chassis types. Now our R&D people and customers have that consistent baseline. Incorporating the good new ideas into the baseline, we keep moving ahead. While some people might think that hand fitting every piece, every time, on every car is craftsmanship, actually, it is tedious repetitive work better done by a precise machine. The improvement in our products or the labor savings, either would justify the investment and we got both."

 - John Sightler, Manufacturing Engineer
Laughlin Racing Products, Simpsonville, SC

"Hello, my name is Scott Hale, the company I work for recently made installed two of your machines. The tech that was sent to show us it’s operation, I only know as Aaron, is truly the subject. Professional, patient and informative. He tolerated our loud and at times hostile place with gusto. He even brought us breakfast his last day. He was a class act and he taught me my job in a limited time. Thank you very much."

 - Scott Hale
Wichita, Kansas

EMI Testimonial
Case Studies

Case Studies

See how EMI's Tube Plasma Cutter helped this customer in this case study performed by one of our dealers!

"It is estimated that using their old production methods, it would have taken over 40 hours for one employee to accurately cut the pipe to length...Run on the TPC‐2444‐AHD, one employee produced all part, complete with cuts, notches and weep holes, in approximately 9 hours"

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