"For over 20 years we've been building cars for every level of Nascar and one thing we've learned is that to tune anything you have to have a consistent base line to work off. We used to build 200 different cars a year. Using EMI's system we were able to standardize into 18 different chassis types. Now our R&D people and customers have that consistent baseline. Incorporating the good new ideas into the baseline, we keep moving ahead. While some people might think that hand fitting every piece, every time, on every car is craftsmanship, actually, it is tedious repetitive work better done by a precise machine. The improvement in our products or the labor savings, either would justify the investment and we got both."

 - John Sightler, Manufacturing Engineer
Laughlin Racing Products, Simpsonville, SC


"The machine is great. We processed 300,000 feet of tubing annually, with one operator who had enough time left to do the bending. Previously, the job required 3 to 4 people. That's a lot of roll bars. Our jig time for our dragsters went from 40 hours to eight and they are more consistent. When we started using the machine we thought it was off then we realized our jigs weren't right. Our welders are faster because the joints take the weld better. We weren't 100% sure when we bought the machine but now we couldn't get the work done any other way."


- Michael Weney, Production Manager
S&W Race Cars, Spring City, PA

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