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Option 2:  Full-featured part import from your steel software as a .STP or .IGES file, and nesting, via SigmaTUBE (a plug-in for SolidWorks)

PieceMaker is a registered trademark and copyright of EMI.  PieceMaker software now works for pipe and HSS.  It is supplied with the machine and will be kept current through the calendar year of purchase. 

PieceMaker not only creates geometry and G-Code but handles other aspects of running the machine such as torch control, lift management, auto-loading, and part nesting. Generally anyone involved in the industry who is adept at reading prints or who can sketch the desired structure with a pencil can program without an additional CAM package. 


Although the needs of most handrail and structural personnel are covered, PieceMaker does have some limitations to the kind of geometry it will create. Please discuss your application with your sales engineer.


Programming can be done at the machine or in an office with network connectivity using PieceMaker Office Edition. This is particularly helpful for companies without engineering resources who are interested in making pieces (handrails) from sketches or supplied prints. Many of our customers fit into this category.


Updates and new features are frequently released multiple times per year, usually as a remote software update. The customer owns the software seat; it does not expire. PieceMaker will be kept current through the first year of purchase; subsequently there is an optional annual maintenance fee to remain current. Eventually, updates may require hardware updates, which would be at additional cost.

PieceMaker has some data import capabilities.  First, it imports cut lists of previously programmed parts.  Second, piece- and batch-level data may be imported by customers who are savvy with Excel and Access from any platform.  These modules come at additional cost and require their own support packages.  Please research this subject thoroughly prior to purchasing a TPC, PieceMaker, or other related software and discuss with your sales engineer carefully. 

For our hand-rail and other basic truss customers, we have the ability to do a direct import from SDS/2. This file directly loads all the relevant information into PieceMaker where it is automatically batched, nested, and processed.  PieceMaker is particularly easy to use, storing the information that can then be changed to match floor level production requirements and field dimension updates.  However, it will be a round material only tool until later in 2020 and it will NOT ever handle the practically unlimited geometric conditions that SigmaTube does.  Please contact us for a demonstration and further details.  The Tekla version will be available soon.



Our partner, SigmaTube, has created an easy and powerful import/export solution for you! Full-featured part import from your steel software as a .STP or .IGES file, and nesting, via SigmaTUBE (a plug-in for SolidWorks)



Option 1:  SDS/2 can export round profiles directly to PieceMaker.  In PieceMaker, it is easy to add features to pieces, such as weep holes for galvanize, or other holes, slots, and marking features, and then super simple to nest those pieces into a cut list for the machine to burn out right away.  Square and other profiles are coming soon to this export tool.

EMI Handrail Export:


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