Eliminate Layout Time and Improve Piece Rate


The Angle-Channel Processing Center handles angle, c channel, and flat stock. EMI's AC-PC combines fabrication steps into one continuous process, reducing direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability. The AC-PC's grip-stroke is 20' and the stock length can be over 40'.


Manufacturing steel stair stringers is made fast and exact – this plasma cutter cuts, draws layout lines, and burns holes in one smooth operation. Simultaneously cut and burn bolt holes for angle clips, as well as other features.



  • Increase your shop’s productivity using our industry-leading automated layout marking

  • Features auto-vices that automatically clamp onto material

  • Cut any combination of diameters and intersection angles with no tooling changes

  • Reduce or eliminate manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring, and repetitive handling

  • Produce weld-ready miters and copes and significantly improve weld penetration

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