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Before You Call

Thank you for choosing Electro-Mechanical Integrators, Inc. for your Bridgeport parts and support services!


We are committed to top level customer service and will make every effort to keep your Bridgeport machine running like NEW!


While we strive to provide quality person to person support, we do experience high call-volume, making it difficult to help each customer in a timely fashion.


Please use the diagram below to know what make/model machine you have before calling EMI for support.


We will be able to expedite your request for support more efficiently if we know exactly what machine we are troubleshooting.


If you go through the list below and do not see your machine listed, it doesn't mean that we do not support it. Give us a call and we'll help you as best we can!

How do I know what make/model machine what I have?

CNC Knee Mill-

If you have a CNC Knee Mill you could have one of the following as indicated on the plate located on the ram/head:

• EZ Trak I or EZ Trak II
• V2XT
• Explorer

The V2XT was built with both the DX-32 control which was controlled by a BMDC board and the SX-15 which was controlled by the FMDC board. The exception to this rule is the EZ Trak.


There are EZ Trak SX machines that still have the BMDC based control, however, they boot from a floppy diskette instead of a hard drive device.

Vertical Machining Center-

If you have a Vertical Machining Center you could have one of the following models as painted on the front of the machine:

• VMC760/16
• VMC800/22
• VMC1000/22
• VMC2216
• VMC3016
• VMC3020
• TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4
• TC1G, TC2G, TC3G, TC4G (these models were equipped with a transmission)
• Torq-Cut 22 or Torq-Cut 30
• Discovery 300
• Discovery 308

Some of the VMCs listed above were equipped with different controls.  Please identify before calling if your control is a Bridgeport DX-32, Heidenhain or Fanuc.

CNC Lathe-

If you have a CNC Lathe you could have one of the following models as painted on the front of the machine near the headstock:

• EZ Path
• EZ Path II
• EZ Path S
• EZ Path SD
• EZ Path IISD
• EZ Path IIIS
• PowerPath15 (slantbed lathe)

Machine CIB?

If you are asked if your machine has a CIB, you could find one of the following located within the electrical cabinet:

• Cutler Hammer CIB
• Computer Express CIB
• Bridgeport CIB

CIB stands for Control In Box.  Inside the CIB you will typically find your BMDC, motherboard and PC power supply to name a few.  If you are still unsure, see the images below for reference.

Bridgeport parts
Bridgeport parts
Bridgeport parts
Bridgeport parts
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