Your CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine Solution.

At 1/5 the cost of the least expensive laser we are 10x faster than the remaining alternatives. So when it comes to processing standard lengths of pipe, tubing, angle, and channel into weld-ready components, EMI makes it fast and easy with its unique CNC plasma pipe cutter.  


Configured to fit your specific tube-processing requirements, the basic system outperforms saws, mills, and hard tooling in speed, precision, repeatability and profitability. 


A customer with high production requirements can get an auto-loading system that works efficiently from a bundle size magazine yet unloads according to your WIP requirements.  


The machines work any combination of diameters and angles from stock lengths eliminating manual measuring, sawing, and notching, deburring, drilling, and repetitive material handling.


Combining all these manufacturing steps into one continuous process dramatically reduces direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability.

EMI uses only high quality industrial components as part of our long term service plan.  Some of our first units manufactured in 1997 are still running production. Our machines are truly made in the USA.

We use a Centroid CNC control manufactured right here in Pennsylvania for over 30 years.


We use Emerson and Control Techniques motion products much of which is assembled in the upper mid-west. Our mechanical components are machined by us or by vendors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Exclusively using USA made HyperTherm plasma units, we know you will have experts and support in your neighborhood all over the globe.

By comparison take note of the unsupportable and disposable import controls on many low cost machines before you buy one thinking you are saving money. Often these machines are complete losses just a few years down the road.  

Ask that salesman who is pushing the $20k - $30k machine how many controls like that are in the field and who services them? Are those servos or open loop stepper motors from the 1960's? You will soon get the idea. If you are serious about your production you are going to want to buy a real machine.

The well-established US based sources and people we use for critical components and support, ensure years of stable performance and readily available service. Examine our work and you will be convinced of our commitment to be long term players in the industries we serve.

The videos display the current version of the TPC (left), compared to the older model (right). The older video displays an outdated model of the TPC, however this helps to show the progression of the TPC's design over time to what it is today.

Tube and pipe are ideal materials for fabricating high performance frames and structures because of their high strength to weight ratio. To their detriment, the labor required to conventionally process tube from mill-lengths into weld-ready components is expensive.


Now fabricators can produce weld-ready components from standard lengths of tubing in one labor saving process.  Customers will recognize the immediate benefits of speed and accuracy.  


However the revolutionary impact will come as the designers and engineers start to rethink their construction methods and material profiles around the machines productivity.  


Finished products will benefit from design innovations that were cost prohibitive before. Equipment manufactures will use less parts and provide more features to their customers.  Incorporating tab and slot construction methods will reduce layout, fixturing, and welding.


One of a kind assemblies will become practical and profitable. The expense and hassels of detailed assembly drawings will be reduced or eliminated when the designs incorporate single path assembly procedures.  Some of this sounds complicated but it really isn't.  


We have customers who bought this as their first CNC or automated anything and shortly transformed their business, just take a look at our testimonials.













Below are some of the advantages that you will find using the Tube Processing Center, exclusively from EMI:


  • Cut any combination of diameters and intersection angles with no tooling changes.

  • Eliminate manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring & repetitive handling.

  • Options to cut rectangular tubing, flat stock and angle up to 4“.

  • One operator might produce 150 or more parts per hour but often 20-30 will justify our most expensive machine.

  • Simultaneously produce holes, slots, and other features without drilling or punching.

  • Become amazingly powerful and efficient with Solidworks and SigmaTube, as shown in this video.

Programming​ with PieceMaker

  • Anyone can program pieces in EMI's proprietary software package.

  • Handrail guys can program parts about as fast as you can orgainze your cutsheet for the saw.

  • We have importing options from TEKLA and other more basic nesting packages (if we don't currently work with yours we can most likely add it).

  • Weep holes when and where you want them.

  • Integrated batching and nesting.

  • Parts can include holes and slots.

  • Unlimited storage for user-programmed parts and batches.

Is the Tube Processing Center the right fit for your shop?

  • Do you have 80 hours a month of sawing, notching, drilling, grinding and shaping?

  • Are you tired of your saw being backed up or broken down?

  • Do you cut material and parts that have to be right the first and only time?

  • Would a 75% reduction in pre-weld labor costs expand your market share?

  • Would a consistent fit and edge prep help keep your welders welding?

  • Is consistency important to your overall product performance and sales?

  • Would standardizing your products help you manufacture and sell more?

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, then a Tube Processing Center would be a great addition to your workplace!

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