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Used Equipment

About Used Equipment

You or your team will be standing in front of this machine everyday for years to come.  Come to our shop and test run it.  Did you buy your last car online without a test drive?  How much more important is the machine that produces your livelihood?

We only sell machines that we support. We serve as the OEM for Bridgeport controls, we know and will replace or upgrade many of the common wear components to give your investment the best up-time and longest service life possible. These machines are running on our floor.


We are within driving distance of 1/3 of the nation.  Why wouldn't you try before you buy?

Buying used Bridgeport and Centroid machines from EMI will always be better than buying a machine-du jour from the other guys.  We know the iron and the controls.


Our demonstrations are second to none.


You will can watch a euclid block being cut and have the chance to inspect it before you write the check.  The software will be updated and specified.  You can get OEM quality training at the time of the sale or anytime in the future.


We usually have multiple quality machines in stock waiting for you to specifiy the retrofit you want installed.  We may even do a swap for your excellent iron so you can have a machine in production faster with reduced freight costs.  Yes, we have financing for retrofits.

You will love the Centroid controls on your retrofit and when it's time for a new machine we can provide them too.  Come test drive them and buy with confidence to be sure that it is not a blind bid.

Call Electro-Mechanical Integrators at (610) 287-4240 (toll-free: 1-877-445-4292) for more information on machinery.

Troyke Rotary Table

Troyke Rotary Table


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