Monarch Lathe Spindle Control

The original variable speed controls did the job but now are the reason so many of these irreplaceable machines lie dormant or are getting scrapped.

This Frankenstein-looking power source is frightful to look at and simply impossible to service.  If your operation is dependent on something like this, then planning ahead and getting your upgrade in process is a smart move.

You will see that we maintained the functions and feel of the original machine while making it work better than new.

The new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) handles the speed control simply, safely and with far higher energy efficiency.  The braking resistor is part of the standard kit helping decelerate the spindle quickly eliminating the dangerous need to "hand brake it".

The VFD runs a new, modern, compact, and efficient vector duty AC Motor.  Dual V-belts replace the old oddball flat belt.  The new system doesn't need to warm up to work right, it just does.

The kit is available in both 5.0 and 7.5 HP depending on your needs and the original configuration.

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