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EZ Trak Series

About the EZ Trak...

It is possible that you have an EZ Trak (9“ x 48“ table) or an EZ Trak II (11” x 58” table) with

a DX-32 Control. This can be confirmed by checking the plate located on the head of the

machine. It is also possible that you have an EZ Trak SX. 


To avoid any confusion when ordering parts, the EZ Trak SX was still equipped with the DX-32 BMDC based control, however, it booted from a floppy diskette instead of a hard drive device such as a flash disk or disk on chip. 

Before calling EMI for help on your EZ Trak, it is also good to know if your control has a CIB (Control In Box) that was made by Cutler Hammer and Computer Express. 


Open your main electrical cabinet and look for another sheet metal box that will contain your BMDC, Single Board Computer and PC Power Supply.  Here are examples of the CIB Units you might find.  Some units were also black.

EZ Trak Series
EZ Trak Series

EMI fully supports these machines with new and remanufactured parts! 

We are also now supplying LCD retrofit kits for the EZ Plus machines with the flat panel operator pendant. 


The EZ Plus still has the BMDC based control fully supported by EMI but was not labeled as a DX-32 and was sold by Bridgeport and then by Hardinge.  


Call us today for price and availability on the LCD retrofit kit for these machines!

EMI is pleased to announce that the EZ Trak Pendant replacement is available NOW!


You will receive a brand new sheet metal box with a 15“ Color LCD, new operator controls and upgraded industrial keypad!  Bolts on to your existing pendant arm in just minutes.

EZ Trak Series
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