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EMI Laser Layout Projection System

This system projects a laser template onto a work surface, guiding fitters through part fabrication and setting up weld jigs. It eliminates layout time, ensures accuracy and precision, and increases overall productivity. The system frequently recalibrates to your table to maintain accuracy throughout the day and week. It projects your common DXF files and you can use your existing weld table.

Call Electro-Mechanical Integrators at (610) 287-4240 (toll-free: 1-877-445-4292) for pricing and more information. You can also email us at

Single Projector (Item #008919)

  • Includes computer, power supply, software, and operator’s console

  • Covers up to 18’x18’

  • Projects multiple layers as needed; for example, one layer would project the outside dimensions of the rail to set your weld jigs. The next layer would project center lines on top of the rail pieces for final fit-up.

  • Flexible mounting options, customer-installed Page 2 of 3 Laser Layout Desc

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • No annual fee – you own the software outright. Software updates are at your option.

  • Remote support capable

Freight Estimate

Selected unit ships separately; budget additional freight cost.


On-Site Set-Up and Training

Two days: Half day to set-up; remaining day and a half to train operators. Price includes Travel Time & Expenses.


Additional Options

Optional Second Laser for Longer Tables (Item #008920)

Adds up to another 18’x18’. Some overlap between projectors is recommended.

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