SDS/2 Programming Information

03/05/2020 UPDATE

We are excited to announce that the functionality between SigmaTube and SDS/2 is restored and in final testing.  We hope to be through testing by 03-31-2020.  Please contact us for a demonstration and further details.

For our hand-rail and other basic truss customers.  This is an early announcement of a new feature that creates a cut-list type export file from SDS/2.  This file directly loads all the relevant information into PieceMaker where it is automatically batched, nested and processed.  The good points are that it is super easy to use and that the information is then in PieceMaker and can be changed up to match floor level production requirements and field dimension updates.  Some of the limitations are that it will be a round material only tool until later in 2020 and it will NOT ever handle the practically unlimited geometric conditions that SigmaTube does.  Please contact us for a demonstration and further details.


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