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PieceMaker Online Help - AC-PC Specific Addendum

AC-PC Specific Addendum

How to setup for cutting angle iron.
1.0 Machine Setup A-axis
1.1 Rotate A-axis until the Y-axis actuator is level using a quality level.
1.2 A-axis DRO should read 0.000 plus or minus 0.010 in the machine coordinates and the local G54 coordinates.
1.3 If not, the home file needs to be adjusted.  Call your service organization.

2.0 Machine Setup W-axis
2.1 Bring the material to be cut into the machine.
2.2 Bridge the material from the loading conveyor to the unloading conveyor
2.3 Lower the Hold-Down
2.4 Lower W-axis with the U-axis button.
2.5 Install the orange centering tool on the A-axis.
2.6 Bring W-axis up until the tool touches the bottom of the material.
2.7 Use the supplied table to get the position value specific to the material being cut.
2.8 Enter that value into the W-axis position field.  It should be negative and somewhere between 0.000 and 0.500
2.9 Remove the orange tool
2.10 F3 MDI:  G00 W0.00

3.0 Machine Setup Z-axis
3.1 Press Tool Check
3.2 F3 MDI:  A-45.0
3.3 The head will move counterclockwise.
3.4 Jog Z-axis down to about 0.100" above the material surface.
3.5 Set the Z-axis position to half the leg length.

4.0 Machine Setup Y-axis
4.1 With A and Y still in positions from the previous step:
4.2 Jog Y-axis positive to the heel of the angle iron and use a straight edge to align the center of the nozzle with the face of Leg-2
4.3 Set the Y-axis to the positive value of half the length of Leg-1
4.4 If you jog Y-axis negative at this point the center of Leg-1 should be Y0.000

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