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  • Processes metal round tube/pipe for handrail efficiently in one continuous process

  • Cuts weld-ready miters and copes for consistent weld reveals

  • Reduce or eliminate costly manual measuring, sawing, drilling and grinding

  • Combines fab steps to save you time and labor


  • Processes round, square, rectangle, angle iron, c-channel, and flat stock

  • Cut and profile ends, precise holes, and features for numerous applications

  • Automatically loads material stock from an included magazine

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  • Manufacture structural steel components like angle clips, joining plates, and foot plates

  • Makes stair stringer production quick and painless

  • Processes angle iron, c channel, and flat stock

  • Draw layout lines, cope, and notch in one efficient operation


"The TPC streamlined our entire manufacturing process, bringing accuracy and saving substantial amounts of time for preparation, part production, and post-production." 

-Fabricator at a handrail and steel manufacturer

"This machine totally changed our perspective on doing handrail."

-Director of Production at Columbia Steel

"A job that would've taken 3 weeks with our old process now takes 2 days."

-Fitter at Pillar Enterprise



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